The cypress swamp around me wraps its spell,
With hushing sounds in moss-hung branches there....
— "Down the Bayou" by Mary Ashley Townsend

I have lived on many different types of water during my life in southeast Louisiana - all of which are shortly north of the great town of New Orleans, LA, where I went to school and spent my other days when not on the water.  For many years, summers and weekends, I lived at my family's camp on the Tangipahoa River in Ponchatoula, LA.  I owned a home as a single mom on the shores of Lake Pontchartrain, the 630 square mile body of water that borders New Orleans and "the Northshore".  And we now live on a precious little bayou called Bayou Lacombe.  Many of my photographs were taken during my time living on these gorgeous bodies of water, which I have come to treasure for their tranquility, peace and, above all, the natural world and habitats that they nurture, including me!  CynthiaPS