Beginning...and thoughts during the morning of All Saints Day

Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today.
— Mariska Haring

With the beginning of this month, which also is All Saints Day, I am in a "remembering mood". I think of those that I love who have gone before me, and who I will remember always - and also how the photographs that I have taken of them remain over the ages.  This new month and this blessed day also make me realize the ticking of time - and so it is time now to introduce people to my photography website of photographs that I have taken through the years. 

There are so many conflicting emotions for me in doing so - joy, sorrow, awe, fear, wonder.  While I have been photographing for many years, it was only a hobby until I retired and could really devote myself to learning more and becoming more experienced. So now - and especially on this day of remembrance - it is time to "put them out there" - to share my compilation of photographs from many years - some, from even before digital cameras! - and hope that they will remain for a time for your enjoyment and pleasure and joy. Thank the Heavens for the beauty that has been given to us for this - and for the remembering, in all its varied forms.