Having loved enough and lost enough,
Iā€™m no longer searching
just opening...
Mark Nepo

I am a wife, mother, friend - who presently lives on a gorgeous Louisiana bayou, where we fish, boat and bird watch, as well as enjoy times over activities and food (it IS south Louisiana, after all!) with family and friends. It is a gentle, magical time in my life, thus the ability to finally set up a website where I can show the photographs through "my ages", if you will. If any of them interest you, please feel free to contact me for their purchase.  As options abound, it is best if we do this one-on-one.  I also am available for freelance work and would be happy to discuss your projects and/or ideas!  


My Story 

When I was a young girl, my parents gave me my first-ever camera for my birthday (I think it was a Brownie?). I have never been more thrilled with a gift and eagerly set about taking photographs of everyone and everything! I found myself particularly drawn to photographs of nature - trees, streams, birds, snakes, whatever I came across when we walked and hiked through the woods or in our backyard at home.  As time went on though, I put aside my photography because the teenage years called to other, more fun (at least in my teenage-mind!) activities - parties, boyfriends, concerts - typical for these years. Then, work and marriage pulled me further away from my love of photography - until I had children.  Ah, the joy of photographing my children resurrected all that was so wonderful about photography!  Later, when tragedy struck our lives, my photography was pulled deeper into photographing Nature.  I began to take photographs of our beautiful, natural setting on Lake Pontchartrain, with its magical sunsets, stunning birds and beautiful waters and skies, along with the healing fun that my children were having there. And, despite working, raising children, and more, I have not stopped photographing - sometimes slowed down - but never stopped.  Then, I retired and now I am ready to put it all together - thus, this website was "born" - my "new baby".  

I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I have in putting it together.  It is a compendium of the years - snapshots of moments in Time, which passes quickly and is precious - and, in its own way, it is a sample of how creativity, love and Nature can all heal. Feel free to browse - ask questions - whatever.  This is a true labor of Love ....